Saturday, March 21, 2009

GUN CRAZY (Part One)

nobody moves - nobody gets hurt

Shut Up and Listen
if I have to use this
I will

- These Are Our Demands -
we want amnesty for our angels
we want to be deified as heroes
we want a political prisoner released
we want our Enemy to cease
and desist His actions
against the pure and easy heirs
to the mantle
of the Sun
- These Are Our Demands -

They are simple and direct
We are righteous and correct
We will be followed

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Anonymous said...

This is awesome,you have a wonderful way with form and grabbing attention.

Anonymous said...

this is wicked cool jason. btw, thanks for your comment at sbt 130. to try and unravel your riddle, its about Not that they r 'abbreviations', to think of them as whole entities, graphic symbols in a sense, an interjection of a kind of hieroglyph, about the visual sense a punch, a whisper, a trailing something that they impart, i see them as useful more than just as the 'timesaving' of an abbreviate, but as a kind of Symbolism, on the one hand simplicity, on the other
visual/meaning/synthesis of a graphic/verbal vernacular. whew. much obliged.

Sherry said...

intoxicatingly righteous n bold...

Paul said...

Cool, sign me up.