Saturday, July 4, 2009

RICHIE - CHAPTER ELEVEN (Twitter Novel / Keitai Shosetsu)

so of course i have to look up
krol anyway and theres
nothing in the fairview
library of course but i

go online and i figure if i
look hard enough i can find
something real on krol
because if i look hard enough

i can find women fucking
barnyard animals for
chrissakes but the weird thing
is that its pretty much just
like what richie said

every entry on him in the
webstapedia and other sites
starts off with –discredited
social scientist stanislav krol-
or –disgraced

-social scientist stanislav
krol- like they all kind of
copied off each other or
something and they talk some
about his studies of cult

but mostly its about his work
with patients taking
psilocybin mushrooms in
controlled conditions and
they make him sound like

some sort of crazy hippie
burnout or something but
they dont talk at all about soft
controls or what it means so
then something

interesting happens cuz i go
looking up soft controls and
its all like really positive
and talking about marketing
and advertising and

social media business
applications and a lot of other
terms that mean like
absolutely nothing to me but
they dont mention krol at all

or fairview or any of the
schools like it so i wonder
about the connection that
richies making like if theres
no one else making it

is it real but then i look up
nlp finally after my earlier
aborted stoned attempt and
again its all this positive stuff

social media marketing
strategies and i thought nlp
was kind of sinister the way
that richie described and the
way that crisis staff

use it to like totally
manipulate you in this really
weird way so you dont know
that theyre doing it and then
suddenly it was like

there was the story that the
words on the screen were
telling but then there was
like this other story that was
being told

between the words if that
makes any sense like the
parts that theyre leaving out
and the things that i saw and
felt were combining in this
weird way

that i never really
experienced before and i
started having this experience
like i was high but i wasnt
high like i could totally

still control where my mind
went even though i felt really
like elated and stuff and im
rising up out of my body

and im looking down at me at
the computer in my room and
then i rise higher

and im above the dorm but i
can still see me inside and
then these like lines start
appearing where i go

to the school then back to the
dorm then back to the school
and its like the same closed

every single day and the lines
just go back and forth over
each other again and again
and again

so that it seems like my
whole life is just one thick
line between two or three
points really

but then i rise higher and then
theres like this big spike out
where richie and me stole the

we drove to white rock
and drove around and came
back and i realize that

that line out is the only real
deviation from this ridiculous
back and forth straight line

that i lead that we lead at
fairview just school to dorm
to school to dorm and then
when we get there its all

like my computer screen and
the 52 inch flatscreen and my
ipod screen and the smart
boards they use at school

and then it gets a little scary
for awhile because that seems
really unreal to me and kind
of fucked up so then im back
in my body

at the computer screen and i
get up and turn it off cuz
honestly im a little grossed
out and i go down the hall

to talk to richie about it but
hes not there the room is
empty and im pissed cuz im

what i think is an epiphany
like isaacs is always on about
with those jack london short

he makes us read but anyway
hes not there and i go down
the hall to the common room

theyre playing pimptastic 2
and smoking bud but i am so
not into that at this minute
and justins in there

and i consider talking to him
about it cuz he can be cool
sometimes but hes totally
slack jawed from the weed
and just

staring at that huge 52 inch
screen and that kinda freaks
me out too so i just end up
finding my way

up to the roof through that
one door that richie showed
me and i end up out there

staring up at the stars and the
satellites for awhile and just
kind of thinking it all through

the funny part is when i
eventually get too cold to
deal anymore and i go to
come back in the door is

behind me and i am
completely screwed cuz if i
bang to get someone to let me
in and one of the guys comes

theyre gonna know about it
then and wanna come up here
all the time and thatll suck

and if its crisis staff thatll
suck even worse cuz then
theyll lock the door from the
inside and either way

richie will be super-pissed at
me so i just calm myself and i
get an idea and take my
laminated fairview id

and try and slip it between
the door and the frame and
jimmy the lock and it takes
about half an hour

but i finally do it and i almost
shout when it clicks open and
im super-psyched and i feel
like macgyver

but by the time i get back
down to my room the
adrenaline starts wearing off
and its really warm

so i basically just lay down to
crash and i crash hard