Friday, April 17, 2009

GUN CRAZY (Part Thirteen)

Hello, Teenage America!

they wasted me
I was wasted
from the beginning
from the waist up

They had television take me out

I was set to be so beautiful
I was set to be Arthur Rimbaud
with a radio

I never asked for this miasma
of fuzzystatic forms
I was leaning on my life too long
and it fell asleep

slam it hard a few times against the wall for me
wake it up


Anonymous said...

Jesus, this was reeeeaally good. I like, want to stand up and applaud you, Jason. You have such a unique style and say so much in an uncomplicated way.

Harmonie22 said...

I've come back to read this again and to tell you once more how awesome your poetry is. Cheers.