Friday, June 12, 2009


there's a difference
between wanting to kill yourself
and wishing you were dead

a big difference

those who just wish they were dead
- aside from their passivity -
are also cursed with hope

and gaze longingly
from the other side of the yellow police tape
as if it were a red velvet rope
refusing admittance


Mariana Soffer said...

Maybe people tht say "they whish they where dead", is because they do not want to go through a certain moment in their life. But they do not say it that they want it forever.
Besides they are just trying to avoid suffering in the best possibleway.
The others really hate themselves, and are willing through go trogh the painfull, violent and scaring situation of killin themselves usually for not having to deal with the pain they have. Besides they do not want to live again, they god enough of that.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, you budding philosopher. Simple and powerful, a trademark of your style.

Happy Friday to you too!

Anonymous said...

An astute observation. That curse of hope is what keeps them living. Perhaps it's what keeps us all living. And dreaming....

Paul said...

Metaphysical poetry! Beautifully tied up around the final image. This is a classic example of how to craft a metaphysical poem, the idea, it's reflection, and an image which combines the two.

Mental Mist said...

Damn thats true :( ... very powerfully said!

Jason Gusmann said...

Hey Mariana - thank you - that really delineates the "big difference" i was talking about

Hey Percy P. - thank you, as usual

Hey Selma - i guess the dreaming is the most important part...right?

Hey Paul - i didnt know there was such a thing until you told me! im gonna try to write more like this, except possibly not as depressing

Hey MM - and thank you, as well, milady