Friday, December 9, 2011


* This is a fictionalized account of some shit that actually happened. All the names, locations, etc. have been changed to protect the innocent as well as the guilty. – JG *


The gang of kids goes into Snakeland and finds the deformed kid who has been using his dark powers to murder and suicide the kids of Fallsville North. When confronted, he reveals that not only did he cause all 4 suicides with his snake illusion, he possessed Jeremy Janks to kill his family and himself and that to kill Hannah Graeber he possessed...Mike Guerassio. Guerassio loses control, admits that he loved Hannah and pursues the deformed kid up to the top of one of the silos. Guerassio and the deformed kid struggle and Guerassio throws himself off, clutching the deformed kid, effectively killing them both. Hoover states that this will be the last one, the “last murder and Snakeland.” Archival footage of the destruction of the real Snakeland plays over the ending credits. FIN


tipota said...

ok i can deal with this..argh, all good things as they say,
must come to an end argh.....
just cuz i dont want it to end, doesnt mean it isnt great writing big J
and excellent dark humor too when it comes down to it

Anonymous said...

just discovered this all, drunk and stumbling through the internet (found you, and this, tangentially, reading comments on songmeanings about GBV [your creep doctor story... chilled me to the bone])--i just want to say that i think this is tremendous. the rise and fall (literal fall, i mean. i liked this second tragic ending better) of mike.. the mystical jim.. it kills me how much i enjoyed this. and i have this great feeling of serendipity, discovering this just as you've finished it. /// in summary: thank you; you're welcome; please don't stop writing \\\
-roger r.

Jason Gusmann said...

@tipota - i think you'll see the logic (in fact, i know you will) when snakeland wraps - in fact, i didn't see the logic myself until after i finished it! a weird one, this...

@roger - thanks so much, man! ideally, snakeland should be discovered by someone while drunk and looking for meaning in GBV songs! so happy you enjoyed it!