Saturday, March 28, 2009

GUN CRAZY (Part Four)

She's a pretty assassin
She kills the pretty
She got supermodels in her sights

a lipstick killer / a StayFreedom fighter
I knight her / I dub her a tape

a soundtrack to hold her full through the night
(my favorite bands I wished that she liked)

A love song to sing
as she spreads metal wings
and makes her way by fire

Through the pages of Vogue
And the strawhouse of style
Watch the mall go up in a pyre

(quick, quick: find the ashes
make a book
this is a hunter
this is a spear
this is makeup cracking
this is fear)


Anonymous said...

Oh Jason, this is so good. You're awesome, and I'm whistling with awe.

Okay, coming from someone who has never actively tried to publish- you should really try to publish this poem series. I was reading this book "Best New Poets 2008" and in the intro they have a link for people to submit their work, you should give it a try, that's how good your work is:

They are accepting submissions April 15- June 1. Do it!!!

Jason Gusmann said...

thank you so much, milady. i will definitely do that. i appreciate the encouragement~!