Friday, April 3, 2009

GUN CRAZY (Part Eight)

the angels came last night

left bullets under my pillow
left kisses on my brow
left monsters in the corner
left just a plan, for now

sisters, brothers, I'm awaiting further instructions
the go code
let me go release me let me release

drop the chain
pop the cork
open the floodgates

open fire


theperceptionpoint said...

Jason, watch this documentary if you have the time:


Jason Gusmann said...

holy crap, percy p., you nailed it! i was reading "days of hope, days of rage" while writing a lot of this and was absolutely influenced by the wording used by the weathermen, b. panthers, motherfuckers, etc. it's a great doc too - i love their combative imagery, although i kind of (ahem) disagree with their methods. again, tho, you pegged it perfectly. perception point indeed!