Friday, April 3, 2009

GUN CRAZY (Part Nine)

I was crawling from the wreckage of the USA
from out from under the Kennedy car-crash
we plowed into a concrete island
we didn't look back

Now I wear the cracked rear-view
around my neck like a jewel
foreign-born kings
bow and kiss my ring
I am America

(i am guns and cars and the superhighway
i am color and excitement
i am murder
i am television
i am las vegas, nevada!
i am sex with a showgirl

in a showroom)


Paul Squires said...

It is rock 'n roll poetry of the highest order Jason. The whole thing is perfectly balanced, informed by a deep understanding of craft and literary tradition but alive with a unique and powerful energy. Words you can feel and understand at the same time. Brilliant work, my life would seriously lessened without your writing in it.

mark said...


theperceptionpoint said...

Wow, Paul said it the best "rock & roll poetry of the highest order."
I love the pessimism and playfulness. It's brilliant stuff.

Sherry said...

I like the way you release (from) your disturbance on your words... so comfortably yet still mercifully...