Friday, April 24, 2009

GUN CRAZY (Part Seventeen)

Marvellous Keene, where are you tonight? Me and my girlfriend saw it on the AP wire, all lurid and red-lit: the picturesquely named Mr. Keene and his friends, all aged 18-23, went on a two-state killing spree, all stolen cars and bullets, until apprehended by the authorities - 'once they got the bloodlust, they couldn't stop' sez the arresting officer - who were these monsters that a charged officer of the law would murmur such slander against innocent-til-proven-guilty post-teens? Why now isn't Marvellous Keene's name spoken in the same reverential tones as Charles Starkweather or Bonnie and Clyde? Picture It, Now: Marvellous and his equally marvelous friends, television-damaged and numb, finding their only way back to sensation, their only path to a nerve ending jump start through the sure-fire avenues of blood and speed? Sad, now: doomed to crackle out in the failed electric charge of an unaccepted AP transmission - Where is the cult? Where are the glossy black and white posters? Where is the doomed adolescent finger-printy fanzine detailing their parole dates? And where, where is Marvellous Keene tonight?

this is what we mean when we talk about guns -
- this is what I signify when I use the word crazy

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Anonymous said...

marvellous keene is en route to be executed july 21, 2009: