Friday, May 1, 2009

GUN CRAZY (Part Nineteen)

no matter what they say
my infatuation is not with death

I am heartsick with the beauty of aim
I am filled with joy at the process of loading
I am awed by the idea of gun-metal grey
O see my reflection in the gleam of steel
I am entranced by the order of cartridges
I am stymied by the efficiency of bullets
I am sick on the aphrodisiac of propulsion
I salivate for the taste of ozone
I am moved by the act of armor-piercing
I am brought to tears by flight
I am reborn by release

I want to control the loss of control
I want to pull the trigger


Anonymous said...

I want to control the loss of control?

That's friggin' brilliant.

You're writing the new American epic with your gun crazy series, and its damn good, percy. for real. I never ever give false flattery

PS you have a gift for busting out with these incredible opening lines that hook the attention and for exiting on a powerful statement too, touch of greatness to your words.

Paul said...

I agree with Harmonie. You're creating something original and important and simply brilliant. All of twentieth century literature can be seen in it and more, you have extended the tradition of storytelling into a whole new era. A joy to read, a joy to see happening.

Jason Gusmann said...

thank you both so much. you really are so giving with yr encouragement.