Thursday, October 1, 2009


I'm going to be posting Chapter Twenty-Nine of "Richie" in its entirety on Twitter the evening of Friday, October 9 at 8pm Eastern Time. It should take me between 90-120 minutes, so if any of you folks are available/so inclined you should come see.

The reason I am doing this is to avoid the potential for misinterpretation in posting a charged piece of writing like Chapter Twenty-Nine in little bite-sized chunks over a series of days that may turn off many followers who aren't ready for it. Another reason (and the reason for this post) is that the kind people who read my stuff week to week here at the blog are of many different nationalities, races, genders, etc. and Chapter Twenty-Nine deals with three particularly charged topics: gender, race and violence.

Of course, I would hope that folks that read my work frequently would just automatically assume my sincerity in working towards an artistic goal with this novel, but I think that posting the entire thing so that a context for all of Richie's actions can be seen (whether you or I agree with those actions) and processed is a good plan. Sorry for being so cryptic, but if I say any more I may as well just post the chapter here and now but we're only up to Chapter Twenty-Three on the blog and Chapter Twenty-Four (posting this Friday) is a motherfucker as well, so if you aren't Paul Squires and weren't reading as I posted it on Twitter, you should come back Friday.

Thank you all for reading, as always.


Mariana Soffer said...

Do not apologize man, just thanks for letting us know, we aer complicated people, and sometimes that is how we work.

It is good enough to read your posts

breathenoah said...

i have to wait? :(

tipota said...

fantastic, jason, a great idea this is, now i will have to learn twitter which kind of is scary but i will do it just this once bcuz richie is so amazing

Jason Gusmann said...

i love you people

Paul said...

What if I am Paul Squires (I'm not sure yet)? Courage should always be applauded and your novel deals with so many issues so well, I'm sure this chapter will be fantastical too.

tipota said...

that was fantastic jason. so many levels of action from the content to the event, and the story. totally gripping scenes contain these particles that float into deeper meanings, and i watched richie drive away too
but it isnt over because that moment remains, forever
like the last scene of casablanca

Jason Gusmann said...

tipota, thank you so much. the content was apparently too intense for some, but not you. responses like yrs made the whole thing worthwhile. very much appreciated.