Friday, April 24, 2009

RICHIE - CHAPTER SIX (Twitter Novel / Keitai Shosetsu)

so i look up ah pook online
and it takes me awhile but i
find it and ive kind of got
richie on something

so i go down to his room in

the dorm and i knock and go
in and its totally messy in
there with heaps of clothes

and piles of books all over

the place and he doesnt have
a computer not even one of
those ancient word

theres just this typing thing

on his desk with the paper
right in it and its huge and
shiny and black like my
grandmas sewing machine

and the sheets and

pillowcases on the bed where
hes lying are black too which
weirds me out because all i
can think of

is that sheets like those would

totally show beat off stains
but i guess maybe richie isnt
the type to beat off even
though hed be

the first one i ever met richie

leans up on his elbow and
puts his book down goes
–hey- and hes not super

psyched to see me

but he doesnt seem irritated

either so i walk over and go
–hey i looked up ah pook-

and he says –oh really what
did you find-

but before i can answer i see

what hes got decorating the
wall over his bed and its all
pictures and articles

from magazines and tabloids

and what looks like crime
scene photos and its all about
the salinas high school

and im like -what the fuck is

all this- and he looks up and
goes -oh that- like its totally

and im like -uh yeah- and

he goes -why do you ask-
kind of thoughtfully and i go
–it just seems really
depressing to me-

he looks back over to me and

goes -really do you think so
because i dont i find it really
interesting and kind of

-exciting- and im like -you

find pointless murder
exciting- and he waves his
hand dismissively

-not the murder part so much

that was just kind of an
unfortunate by-product- and
i snort -oh really-

but he just goes on like i

didnt say anything -but
pointless thats just not true
not pointless everything they
did was planned

-and i mean everything i

think they even planned out
when they were gonna shoot
each other and where-

im getting pretty grossed out

-you think they planned it so
theyd end up in the cafeteria
that doesnt make any sense-

-no no i meant where on

their bodies- and richie
makes a gun with his hand
and points it grinning at his

and im like -oh- and he goes

-so they couldnt have open
caskets at their funerals-
and im like -oh- again

he sits all the way up on the

bed -youre one to get all
weird about it dee dee you
were like one step away

i wince -yeah man but i

dont think it was cool or
anything like that it was just
something i did

-i can actually barely

remember anything about
that day- and richie shrugs
-fair enough-

then he goes on -but what i

was saying before was that
nothing about it was pointless
like no one notices the
importance of the date-

and im like -the date- and he

goes -yeah december first
twelve-oh-one- and he looks
at me all expectantly and i
have no idea why

he sighs -its a time 12:01

one minute after midnight its
a new day- he sits back
smiling -yesterdays gone

-too late to change the past-

and he looks satisfied but i
think about it for a minute
and go -but 12:01 couldnt
that be

- one minute after noon too-

and he processes what i said
and goes -what the fuck
would that symbolize-

and i think for a second and

smile -lunch- and richie
stares at me unblinking for
like a minute then looks away
then back to me

-okay you get a pass on that

one because thats actually
really funny- he shakes his
head chuckles -it
symbolizes lunch you

- so anyway what did you

find out about ah pook- and i
remember i want to catch him
off guard so i have to say it

-you spelled it wrong but

other than that the stuff you
told me was all pretty much

and he goes -what do you

mean i spelled it wrong- and
im like -its ah P-U-C-H- and
hes all –no its not

-in the burroughs book he

spells it P-O-O-K its an
accepted variation- and i
smile -yeah i know about
the burroughs book

-but thats like a character if

you were gonna do it for real
you should have spelled it
like the mayans did- and hes
a little pissed

-what the fuck do you know

about the mayans- and im
like -enough to know that if
im gonna write some shit on
the wall

-im gonna spell it right- and

he just sighs and drops back
onto the bed -whatever dee
dee if it werent for the
goddamn interwebs

-you wouldnt know anything-

and im starting to feel like i
pushed too hard and lost my
advantage somehow

but then i see it on the far

side of the bed behind him
and i totally forget all that –is
that do you have a teddy

he sits back up grins picks

up the bear -sure- then after
a second -i dont like to sleep
alone dee dee- then drops
back down and rolls over

with his book -see yrself out-

and he totally waves me off
and as im leaving im thinking
that even though i basically
made him admit

to me that he did the graffiti

he somehow told me less
about him than i ended up
telling him about me


GUN CRAZY (Part Eighteen)

- my bright and shining aimless generation-
fear not for your lack of aim
the others the others your fathers and mothers
all went off way too quick
a flash in the pan before the pander
the bark was loud but the bite wasn't vicious
the fire was bright and fine
but when the smoke cleared
the mark was missed
but still They insist
a one-shot stopped a war
one day they'll know what aim is
one day they'll see you were biding your time
waiting for the motorcade to pull into view
one day your aim will be dead on
and you will let fly, my brothers and sisters
let fly

GUN CRAZY (Part Seventeen)

Marvellous Keene, where are you tonight? Me and my girlfriend saw it on the AP wire, all lurid and red-lit: the picturesquely named Mr. Keene and his friends, all aged 18-23, went on a two-state killing spree, all stolen cars and bullets, until apprehended by the authorities - 'once they got the bloodlust, they couldn't stop' sez the arresting officer - who were these monsters that a charged officer of the law would murmur such slander against innocent-til-proven-guilty post-teens? Why now isn't Marvellous Keene's name spoken in the same reverential tones as Charles Starkweather or Bonnie and Clyde? Picture It, Now: Marvellous and his equally marvelous friends, television-damaged and numb, finding their only way back to sensation, their only path to a nerve ending jump start through the sure-fire avenues of blood and speed? Sad, now: doomed to crackle out in the failed electric charge of an unaccepted AP transmission - Where is the cult? Where are the glossy black and white posters? Where is the doomed adolescent finger-printy fanzine detailing their parole dates? And where, where is Marvellous Keene tonight?

this is what we mean when we talk about guns -
- this is what I signify when I use the word crazy

GUN CRAZY (Part Sixteen)

Let's kill our downstairs neighbors and take all their cool stuff

we could do it you know that we could

we've been listening to that stereo
for thirteen goddamn nights now
that subwoofer is going through the roof

so take my hand
and don't speak and don't breathe
and let's get it on for real and true this time
(it's just time
before everything we want is in our hands)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


i dont normally post non-fiction stuff on here but jg ballard is dead. him, burroughs, bukowski and (lester) bangs were the b-boys, the ones who shaped the development of my writing, my head, my heart, the reason i never got to "c" in the library. goddamn it. i never get sad about the deaths of famous people because i never met them or drank with them or talked with them, but this feels different. saying anything more than that would become mawkish and sentimental, two things that ballard never was (in his writing, at least - again, i never knew the man). but, jesus christ, he was a giant. he rewired the world. we will not see his like again. goddamn it.

Friday, April 17, 2009

RICHIE - CHAPTER FIVE (Twitter Novel / Keitai Shosetsu)

the words are huge and hard
to miss right on the brick
wall leading to the cafeteria

thick curvy black spray
painted letters and its weird

cuz if it was -FUCK YOU-
would make more sense and
you could just

say -what a shame- or -thats
awesome- and call it a day
but no one knew if ah pook
was a band

or a dj or a drug and no one
knows what to think really
except wtf but then mr nulles
the assistant dean comes out
with crisis staff

and hes huge but its not just
fat theres muscle there too
plus hes just kind of wide like
a wall

and to add to it hes got no
hair and creepy red-tinted
glasses and the thinnest lips
ive ever seen on a guy that fat

so he stands and looks for
like way too long because it
basically takes about 2
seconds to read but he peers
at it for almost 5 minutes

and then slowly turns his
gaze on all the boys gathered
around talking and laughing
and they quiet down a little

but they cant punk out just
cuz nulles looks at them
funny but after awhile he
stalks back in with the crisis
guys in tow

and richie comes up behind
me scratching and yawning
and goes -what did i miss-
and i just shrug -ah pook is

and he brightens and goes
-oh really- and im all -you
know what ah pook is- and
richie says -well

-ah pook isnt a what hes a
who hes one of the mayan
gods of destruction- and first
i go -how do you know that-
and then

-did you do this- and his eyes
get big and he laughs -no
not at all- and i go -who else
here would know about ah
pook- and he says -idk

-but somebody here is cooler
than i gave them credit for-
his eyes narrow at me -did
you do it- and i say -no- like
way too loud

-of course you didnt yr not
that cool- and i just scowl
-har dee fuckin har- pause a
minute -but what does it
even mean though-

richie says -well ah pook is
here destruction is on the
way- he shrugs and i look at
him until he looks away and i
go -you did do it-

and he laughs again hides it
pretty good but theres a
nervous edge -cmon dee dee
do i look like a graffiti guy

-i dont even own a
skateboard- and by the time
he stops talking nulles is back
and dean cuddy is with him
and he just looks

at the wall for a long time
almost as long as nulles and
then he turns to the boys
standing around talking and

//he kind of looks like an
older brad pitt or if russell
crowe had sandy blonde hair

the kind of guy my mom
would think is hot and my
dad would just shake his head
and sigh//

anyway cuddy says -this is
incredibly uncool- the last
word hangs in the air he
sighs -im not going to ask
who did this

-because i dont expect any of
you to snitch- almost smiles
-i wouldnt if i were you but-
he looks back to the brick

richie leans into me whispers
-see how long it takes before
he mentions the money he
wont be able to help himself

cuddy goes on -we ask so
little of you guys do you
know what i mean- total
silence -we want this to be a
pleasant place to learn

-and all you have to do is not
destroy it- shakes his head
-do you know do you have
any idea how many hours

-how much it is going to cost
fairview to somehow sand
this off and finish it again- i
look at richie and he raises
his eyebrows

cuddy gestures to the rest of
the facade that leads to the
cafeteria -we cant just paint
one wall and leave it

-looking like garbage- and
richie clears his throat and
says -uh dean cuddy-

and his voice is shaking a
little bit not a lot but if you
know him okay you could tell

and cuddy looks right at him
and his face is unreadable as
he says -yes richie-
pleasantly enough and

richie goes -why is it that uh
some of the rules here are
more important than um
others- and his voice actually
sounds sincere

cuddys eyes kind of light up
and he says -what exactly do
you mean richie- and hes not
pissed or confused

but more like excited and
richie says -well someone
wrote on the wall and
obviously thats bad and i get
that and why yr mad

-but pretty much every night
guys are drinking and
smoking weed in the dorm-
and you could hear a pin drop
in the quiet that results

-and you dont get pissed
about that in fact- and richie
is getting less nervous as he
goes on -no one really seems
to care

-but thats against the rules
too right i mean both things
are against the rules- and
richie is looking right at him

cuddy looks back and looks
back for a really long time
and now hes shifted into this
weird calm place and says
-so richie

-if im correct- breathes
-what im hearing you say is
youre seeing a discrepancy in the
way in which the rules are
enforced around here

-is that right- and richies a
little too smug when he says
-partly- and cuddy smiles
and says -well

-what i could do is start drug
testing everyone in the dorm
and that would probably even
things out then wouldnt it-

and guys are shouting at
richie -shut the fuck up- and
-what are you doing asshole-
and -narc- and cuddy just

and richie says something
back but i cant hear it and
cuddy says -what- and cups
his ear but then the bell rings

everyone just starts walking
inside and a couple guys
punch richie on the arm and
frejean clips him upside the

so richie bites his lower lip
and clips him back and
frejean turns fists raised but

just grins at him and frankie
does that chest-out punk-off
thing but richie doesnt flinch
so frejean just calls him fag

and richie scoffs and as the
other boys all filter in he
walks up to cuddy and goes

-you would never really drug
test- and smiles like
knowingly -it would cost
way too much-

cuddy raises his eyebrows
and again his expression is
more excited than angry -oh
really- smiles -well see-

nulles moves his bulky frame
in front of cuddy and grunts
-i know you- to richie out of
his weird-shaped mouth

richie looks away -of course-
he tries to laugh it off but
nulles says -from before i
know you-

and richie still wont meet his
eyeline -whatever- shakes
his head and goes inside and i
follow looking back

at nulles and cuddy watching
us until were somehow safe

GUN CRAZY (Part Fifteen)

While they're waiting for me to meet them, the angels, they sometimes have a cocktail or two in this neighborhood watering hole, always refuse the little weenies on the sticks, rub up against the locals - watch the wings, fella - bullshit about football, watch their backs, always looking at the door for the tell-tale hitman halo, listen to sob stories, reel out a few of their own, toss peanuts into their mouths, never miss one, talk shop - yeah, the higher the hem the better off you'll be on those long flights - wonder about the future, always sweet to the waitress, yeah, yeah, lousy tippers, though, angels.

(what are those hitmen packing? what kind of bullet kills an angel?)

GUN CRAZY (Part Fourteen)

there's a price on the angels' heads
they can't be seen around my house anymore
there's no place in Heaven or Hell for them now
I guess that they'll be hanging here awhile
the Heaven-sent hitmen are obvious
gold chains dangle down their chests
they make up excuses to come to my door
and none of them ever make sense
they stammer and stutter out some cover
supply yet another fake mother's name
and that very same mother or substitute other
walks up and treats them like a stranger again

sometimes you can see them blush under the disguises

GUN CRAZY (Part Thirteen)

Hello, Teenage America!

they wasted me
I was wasted
from the beginning
from the waist up

They had television take me out

I was set to be so beautiful
I was set to be Arthur Rimbaud
with a radio

I never asked for this miasma
of fuzzystatic forms
I was leaning on my life too long
and it fell asleep

slam it hard a few times against the wall for me
wake it up

Friday, April 10, 2009

RICHIE - CHAPTER FOUR (Twitter Novel / Keitai Shosetsu)

the videogame is called
pimptastic 2 and its totally
against the rules of fairview
to play it

but its also totally against the
rules to smoke weed and
download broadband internet
porn and drink 40s but

no one ever gets in trouble
for any of that stuff either so
as soon as staff leaves at
around 930 they break it out

so everyone feels all
rebellious and stuff and
giggly when the call goes
down the hallway

THIS- in a death metal growl
just like on the opening
screen of the game

and it gets pulled out from
under some mattress and
plugged into the g5 which is
attached to the 52 inch

and then theres a big pissing
contest for whos gonna play
and the two winners grab the

and take their places on
opposite sides of the split
screen while me and the other

hunker down on the couches
in the back to watch and trash
talk and break balls and
jockey for next

this kid justin huddled next to
me both of us trying
desperately not to touch each

says to me through a curtain
of hair -have you ever gotten
to play this thing- and i say

-hell i never even played
pimptastic 1- and justin is
genuinely shocked

-really its great i mean this
one is much better there
werent any real cheats on the
first one except the sex one

-and you could only kill the
other pimps- and i go -hm-

and he goes -yeah kinda
limited but this ones just sick
you can have sex with the
whores or kill them and

-if you figure it out you can
give the pregnant one a
coathanger abortion- and he
says the last two words

like he was saying -christmas
morning- and it would be
almost sweet if it wasnt
completely insane

then richie walks into the
common room doorway
looks over and kinda scowls
at me and i dont know why

but the game starts with some
wukkachukka guitar and then
were on the street and the
pimps are pimp walking and
pimp slapping

and frankie frejean on the left
side starts to try and turn out
a new whore so hes got her in
this motel room

and hes doing her and theres
this colored line like the
lifeline that goes up and up as
hes doing her and

i guess its like the excitement
line or something and if you
can make her come then she
joins your stable

so he makes it and everybody
goes nuts and i hear richie
clear his throat and he goes
-hey frejean-

and frankie doesnt respond
just keeps hitting the g5
controller and glaring at the
screen and richie goes

-hey frejean not bad ever
make a real girl come- and
frankie doesnt look back just
throws a middle finger in the
air behind him

and i look back and richies
smiling now -no really im
serious you did a great job
and all but did you ever make
a girl come

-without a g5 controller- and
frejean drops it turns and
whips a half full coke can at
richies head and he ducks

and it whizzes past
harmlessly into the hallway
and richie bobs back up
smiling -got my answer-

and somebody shouts -jesus
frankie look out- and frejean
turns back grabs the
controller mutters

and richie leans in the
doorway looking smug and
justin says to me between
sips off his 40 ounce

-that guys a dick- pauses
-but you hang out with him
sometimes right- and i shrug
and go -yeah sometimes

-sometimes i wonder why-
and justin scoffs and goes
-no doubt- and i look back to
the game and now the scenes

to some dingy room in a slum
somewhere and frejeans pimp
is beating up one of his
whores i dont know why

but every time his pimp
punches the whore with his
pixilated fist her pixilated
head snaps back

and on the audio track theres
a digitized crack and a high
pitched -oh- and as it repeats
and repeats with every punch

it becomes a digital rhythm
track like any other crack
after crack -oh- after -oh-
beat beat beat beat beat beat

and all of the other boys are
shouting some pumping their
fists i see richie in the
doorway face wooden not

and someone shouts -use the
cane- and i laugh -use the
cane- cuz i cant believe it
can go any deeper than this

and frejeans thumbs are a
blur on the controller and his
pimp wavers in position 2 or
3 times onscreen before he
reaches down and

grabs a pixilated cane with a
diamond head raises it with
both hands and brings it
down on the whores head

slightly louder digitized crack
slightly louder -oh- and a
pixilated spray of blood
appears and disappears right
after the hit

and all the boys go -ooooh-
like that and the whores
lifeline drops into the red
and im totally into it

and i go -jesus- and i cant
even believe i say it but i do
-have you had enough bitch-

everyone explodes in
laughter and justin punches
me in the shoulder and i see
richie out of the corner of my

just leave without saying
anything and then frejean hits
the combination one last time

and the cane falls and the
whore dies and a round of
applause follows and then its
new players and

justin shares his 40 with me
which is cool but after awhile
it gets kind of boring to
watch it all again

and my stomach kind of hurts
and i dont really wanna see
the coathanger thing so i just
basically go to bed

GUN CRAZY (Part Twelve)

I'll join your Public Witness Program
yeah, sure, I'll testify
you put me in a new place
with a new face

I'll trade you a lot
I'd trade you a lot
for a lot like that

a fresh-cut lawn
a fresh-cut head
on a boy my age
in a sunshine-freckle halo
on a substitute
sweetened a bit
to enjoy it this time

No Halloween

GUN CRAZY (Part Eleven)

shoot it down - shoot it all down

Let's see you make sense of the void
Let's see you make sense of the hole in the sky
there are things beyond television
there are things beyond your control

I'm watching for the possibilities of your amazement
I'm looking for the chink in your armor
I'm thinking about shutting it down
shutting it all down

We've been shutting it up for so long
shooting it up into the sky
saluting its irrevocable descent
burying it quietly and politely
taking it lightly
letting it slide

-no escape routes tonight-

you shoot it up there one more time
and for once we'll stand our ground
and won't let it come down
and for once we'll be the bullies of the sky

GUN CRAZY (Part Ten)

I got all excited
I called in the air strike
I called it a coup
the press wasn't invited
The gentle rainforest
the Roman colisseum
the bhikku priesthood
the medical museum
The 7-11
the monsters of God
the endless highway
the river of Sod
The Masters of War
the Ponies of Peace
I phoned all their parents
I called in their lease

Friday, April 3, 2009

GUN CRAZY (Part Nine)

I was crawling from the wreckage of the USA
from out from under the Kennedy car-crash
we plowed into a concrete island
we didn't look back

Now I wear the cracked rear-view
around my neck like a jewel
foreign-born kings
bow and kiss my ring
I am America

(i am guns and cars and the superhighway
i am color and excitement
i am murder
i am television
i am las vegas, nevada!
i am sex with a showgirl

in a showroom)

GUN CRAZY (Part Eight)

the angels came last night

left bullets under my pillow
left kisses on my brow
left monsters in the corner
left just a plan, for now

sisters, brothers, I'm awaiting further instructions
the go code
let me go release me let me release

drop the chain
pop the cork
open the floodgates

open fire

GUN CRAZY (Part Seven)

Out here in the jungle
we on a Che Guevara trip
we got Alchemy and Arms
we got a sack of submachineguns
we got Maps we got Legends
we got it all justified
we have our Orders

from a power beyond High

it's only me and Her
we pick nits off each others' fur
(all this and the fact that there's only two of us
reduces the mutiny potential

ahhhh yeah
she caught me smilin'

GUN CRAZY (Part Six)

I met some angels
convinced them to cross the line
it wasn't hard
I had the pictures
Picture That:
blackballed from Heaven -
Heaven Knows
where an angel goes
when the awful truth gets out
So I compromised their position
and they coughed up for our side
told me my sister was alive
and dreaming