Friday, August 28, 2009

RICHIE - CHAPTER NINETEEN (Twitter Novel / Keitai Shousetsu)

when i find leanders room
again the vibe is totally
different and theres a lot less
girls and the music seems

and jackies talking to the

redhead with the big tits and
they are kind of giving me
the stink eye now

but richie and leander are

back and richies in this like
recliner totally smug grinning
at me

and i totally dont want to deal

with his bullshit so instead i
walk over to the window
where leanders smoking a

and blowing it outside and i

just sit down next to her and
go -i guess i kind of blew it
with jackie-

and shes holding in her hit

and goes -you boys watch
too much porn- and then she
blows it out and in her
normal voice goes

-you couldve totally got some

tonight too if you hadnt gone
about it so like clumsily-
and shakes her head

and i feel like an asshole but

she just goes -whatever- and
hands me a pbr -do you want
some of this- with the blunt

and i open the pbr and go
-sure- and i puff it real

careful so i dont get it spitty
or take too much and cough

so i blow my hit out and hand

it back and sip on my pbr she
blows on the cherry takes
another hit

and i ask her -what kind of

name is leander- just trying
to make conversation but it
comes out wrong

she doesnt seem to care

though -my name is actually
oleander like the flower-
and i ask -why do they call
you leander then-

-no one calls me that just

richie- and i go -thats
hilarious no one else calls
me dee dee either- and she
smiles her sleepy smile

-he told me he couldnt handle

the shock every time he said
my name- and i look at her
like not understanding at all

and she bolts upright eyes all

big in mock surprise -OH
leander- and i get it and
laugh and she laughs with me

and everything starts feeling

okay again and she hands the
blunt back to me and i take a
bigger hit and cough it out a

but its not a big deal and she

laughs again and i ask her
-how long have you and

richie been together-

she runs her hand through her
hair and goes -were not
really together really-
pauses a second -hes in love
with someone else-

and the weed is kicking in
now and i go -yeah hes in
love with himself- and she
looks at me for a second

then bursts into this huge
laugh and i look at richie and
hes totally confused and then
back at leander and she goes

-yr okay dee dee- and smiles
her smile and i go -yr okay
too leander- and she takes
the last hit and stubs it out

and the music changes again
and now its all piano and this
snaky guitar but its kind of
romantic too like slow and

and leander sits up -dance
with me- and im all -i cant
dance- and she says -its
slow anyone can slow dance-
she nods at richie

-he wont do it- so i go
-okay- and we get up and she
puts my hands on her hips
and shows me how and it
seems really quiet

like everyone else stopped
talking but im really high so i
dont care and we dance and
the singer is doing these aah
aah ah ah ahhhs

and it feels great and i look
over at richie and hes smiling
but like surprised at the
same time but thats cool too

leander moves me in time to
it and theres more aah aah ah
ah ahhhs and we lock in
pretty much

she puts her head on my
shoulder and her hair smells
good but a different kind of
good slighter somehow
more subtle

and then the song ends and
richie is suddenly next to us
and goes -dee dee and lee lee
sittin in a tree tree-

and she lifts her head and he
kisses her hair then says to
me all serious

-we had better go-