Friday, June 5, 2009

RICHIE - CHAPTER EIGHT (Twitter Novel / Keitai Shosetsu)

the next weeks pretty
boring basically i dont
see richie all that much
only in isaacs class and

the most interesting thing

there happens after class
when i come back to grab
this book i left behind

and hes talking with

isaacs really animatedly
like when he was in the
cafeteria that one day and
hes holding this book that

i ended up remembering

the title of because it
reminded me of a song by
the spider babies its called

-letters from a living dead

man- which sounds
really cool like a zombie
story but i dont know
why richie would be so

like passionate about a

zombie book but when i
come in the classroom
they both stop talking
immediately and richie

lowers the book to his

side and im like -left my
book- and neither one
speaks until i leave which
is weird but whatever

so otherwise i meet with

my social worker and hes
this old hippy with a pony
tail and a beer gut and hes
always trying to

get me to talk about the

day i took the gun to
school and i dont know
how many times i can
find different ways to say

i got tired of balls hits in

basketball and being
called faggot and spit on
and having my arm
twisted behind my back

until theyd pull down my

pants and point out skid
marks and my little dick
to whatever girls were

and he always nods and

says –go on- and im like
there is nothing else but
he asks me how it all felt
and im like how do you

it felt it sucked balls and

hes always –when you
say it sucked balls what
do you mean- and i just
sigh and eventually

he starts talking more

than i do and i just kind
of zone out and classes
are always pretty much
the same

i mean somebody will go

off pretty much every day
but they get hustled out
by crisis staff to one of
the chill-out rooms

with the cool lighting and

the ambient music and the
water table and the clay
and stuff and that usually
works pretty well

and if it doesnt the crisis

staff have this really
weird way of talking
where they get super

and their gestures become

like slow motion and
their voices fall into
rhythm almost

but its only happened to

me a couple of times so i
havent seen it enough to
really be able to figure
out exactly

what theyre doing but

anyway every night is
basically the same
drinking beers watching
movies playing g5
smoking weed

and occasionally ill knock

out some homework but
if we dont do it its not
like we get in real trouble
or anything

so i post on my blog and

beat off to internet porn
and listen to satellite
radio and catch bong hits
when i can

and sleep a lot and beat

off some more which
leads to more sleep and
then maybe watch a free
pay-per-view on the 52

or if someones playing

madden or pimptastic 2 ill
watch for awhile a
couple times i hang out
with justin

drink 40s with him which

i think he gets from a
dorm staff and we
download a leaked copy
of kill takers new album

which i was super excited

about at first but got
pretty boring by the end
of the week and hanging
out with justin

is kind of like just

hanging out with myself
really so i end up beating
off again and afterwards i
just go to bed