Saturday, October 17, 2009

RICHIE - CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX (Twitter Novel / Keitai Shoustesu)

next day isaacs class and
richie comes in slams his
stuff down next to me drops
into the chair

goes –so did you dig into

any of those books yet- and i
look over at him and go

-i started naked lunch- and

he smiles -oh really what do
you think so far- and im like
-its pretty gay

-i mean like really gay i

didnt know there was gonna
be that much cocksucking
and shit-

richie shrugs -yeah but you

just have to ignore that or like
deal with it the ideas are
whats important

-especially the stuff about

control systems and that- and
im like -i dont know if i can
ignore all that

-i mean its pretty gay are the

other books like that- and
richie looks at me disgusted
-yeah dee dee theyre all like


-i set you up for a real

cocksucking frenzy- and im
about to respond when isaacs
walks in and slams the door
behind him

-all right swine- he grins
-prepare yrselves for the

pearls of learning i am about
to cast before ye-

he puts his papers down and

sits at the head of the table
-okay so catcher in the rye

there were probably enough

-swear words to keep yr

interest this time around- and
we go to work and go
through the whole character

and the man vs self plotline

and eventually we get to the
source of the title in holdens
dream about the kids in the

and i can like feel richie

getting antsy next to me
isaacs goes into the
symbolism of it and before
the words

-christ imagery- even leave

his lips richie is all over him
-why is it always christ every
single time

-its as if theres never been

another story of rebirth and
sacrifice in all of world
mythology- and isaacs
tightens up

goes -richie i have no issues

with you not believing in
christ or christian belief
systems but an argument can
definitely be made

-for the imagery being

directly related holdens
constant repetition of the
name christ throughout- and
richie cuts him off

-look- and his voice is

almost shaking -i get it but
physical rebirth is within
reach of every single one of

-and to always act like jesus

christ has some kind of
fucking monopoly on it- and
isaacs raises his voice

and i dont know if hes getting

pissed cuz richies arguing
again or cuz this is the kind
of shit that gets teachers fired

-i appreciate that you are

passionate about the subject
but again the tone and tenor
of salingers work directly

-references to holden as a

christ figure- and richie
replies -i get it i get that my
issue is that anyone everyone
is given the choice

-to return from physical

death- and isaacs slams his
threadbare copy of catcher on
the table -richie i have told
you this before

-we are not discussing elsa

barker in this class- and
richie grins -how do you
know im talking about elsa

long pause isaacs shuts his

eyes and grits his teeth -if
you continue with this richie
im going to have to ask you
to leave-

and richie just gets up -okay

fuck it- grabs his books
strides over to the door
whips it open goes out then
slams it behind him

isaacs opens his eyes and

relaxes his jaw -okay then
back to salinger- and frejean
goes -what an asshole- super
loud and

some guys laugh and isaacs

face tightens again -frejean-
and he goes -yeah- and
isaacs says -shut up-