Saturday, September 5, 2009

RICHIE - CHAPTER TWENTY (Twitter Novel / Keitai Shousetsu)

i am drunk and stoned and i
am riding shotgun in a stolen
car and i have never felt
better in my life

i kissed a girl tonight and i

danced with another one and
i can still smell them on me
even with the window down

and the heater on

the air rushing in on my face
and through my hair is making
my skin feel alive with the
glory of love

and i know tomorrow im

gonna feel weird and
regretful about a couple of
the things that happened but

this other thing is buggin me

and i know im loaded but i
wanna know so i go ahead
and ask him anyway

-richie- nothing -richie-

nothing –RICHIE-
-what what i thought you

were asleep- and i realize my
eyes are closed

i open them turn in the seat

–are you my friend- and he
laughs –what what the hell
are you talking about-

-you heard me are you my

friend- he smiles funny says
–dee dee why would you ask
me something like this-

-cuz i dont know why you

hang out with me you always
say nasty stuff about me and
put me down

-and you dont even call me

by my goddamned real name
its desmond DESMOND-

-dee dee i know what yr real

name is- sighs almost –i dont
wanna call you the same
thing yr parents call you

-do you think my real name is

richie- and i think about it
for a second but i am way too
buzzed and i say

-no man no thats not it man

its about respect- and richie
laughs and laughs then asks
me if im mack daddy or
daddy mack

and i tell him to eat me and

he says something even ruder
back but by the time im ready
to respond im halfway up the

and then im in my bed

somehow and i think to
myself maybe i should take
my wet sneakers off

and then suddenly it doesnt

matter anymore