Friday, May 8, 2009

GUN CRAZY (Part Twenty-Five)

Or maybe this:

please forgive my sieve

the only things it filters out
are pop culture pap
and the dealings of saints and angels

Or maybe it said
something else

GUN CRAZY (Part Twenty-Four)

Or maybe this:

Set your heart on stun
Set my mind at ease

Stun Me

Stun me crazy

GUN CRAZY (Part Twenty-Three)

From the radio's soothing green glow

comes a Trans/mission

a dream from my sister
copied down in code*


(get out your decoder rings)

maybe it said:

Flowing from a thousand wounds
In a thousand different languages
Can you decode the secret blood?
Has the DNA wrapped around your own?

an ancient code in a chemical hand

the work it does is silent
what we do is secret

GUN CRAZY (Part Twenty-Two)

Amnesty International
could you please send many
hand-written letters
full of pleas for freedom
and civil rights
to my sister's captors
so that my girlfriend and I
can rest easy
in the assurance
that all diplomatic avenues
were exhausted
before we
went to the fortress
where my sister was kept
and razed it the fuck to the ground.