Friday, January 13, 2012


* This is a fictionalized account of some shit that actually happened. All the names, locations, etc. have been changed to protect the innocent as well as the guilty. – JG *

this is the way this story should end

by the time I climb up

to the roof of my parents’ house

the show is already beginning

it spirals out into fallsville

as the first wrecking ball hits

a pulse of light and sound

a rumble

like drums

but this story doesn't have an end

hannah’s murder never solved

a ghost of memory

not even a story now

told to frighten middle-school

fallsville girls

to stay on the "right side of the tracks"

jeremy janks released after 25 years

a halfway house

then a half-life

another slack, doughy face in a denny's window

perched over a rapidly cooling

cup of coffee

the screaming skull of the 1980s

reduced to flock of seagulls

and thundercats clips on youtube

advertisements for mediocrity

into eternity

a clip of snakeland being destroyed

in 1994 posted there

its destruction coming

far too late

to be of any good to anyone

and rand



and chris

memories frozen years ago

eternally teenaged

pictures stored in attics

graves untended

but for holidays

who remembers now

who cares

but that's the funniest thing

it should be obvious to you

by now

the only commonality

all the stories have