Friday, April 3, 2009

GUN CRAZY (Part Nine)

I was crawling from the wreckage of the USA
from out from under the Kennedy car-crash
we plowed into a concrete island
we didn't look back

Now I wear the cracked rear-view
around my neck like a jewel
foreign-born kings
bow and kiss my ring
I am America

(i am guns and cars and the superhighway
i am color and excitement
i am murder
i am television
i am las vegas, nevada!
i am sex with a showgirl

in a showroom)

GUN CRAZY (Part Eight)

the angels came last night

left bullets under my pillow
left kisses on my brow
left monsters in the corner
left just a plan, for now

sisters, brothers, I'm awaiting further instructions
the go code
let me go release me let me release

drop the chain
pop the cork
open the floodgates

open fire

GUN CRAZY (Part Seven)

Out here in the jungle
we on a Che Guevara trip
we got Alchemy and Arms
we got a sack of submachineguns
we got Maps we got Legends
we got it all justified
we have our Orders

from a power beyond High

it's only me and Her
we pick nits off each others' fur
(all this and the fact that there's only two of us
reduces the mutiny potential

ahhhh yeah
she caught me smilin'

GUN CRAZY (Part Six)

I met some angels
convinced them to cross the line
it wasn't hard
I had the pictures
Picture That:
blackballed from Heaven -
Heaven Knows
where an angel goes
when the awful truth gets out
So I compromised their position
and they coughed up for our side
told me my sister was alive
and dreaming