Sunday, January 31, 2010


Okay, so about a week ago I had a little meltdown on the Twitter. I guess I was still pretty high from finishing 'Richie' and was in talks with the agent so I bit off way more than I could chew. Not only did I start two new Twitter novels (the other one was @zombie_vs_shark, which will still continue) but eventually realized once I got about two chapters into "Stranded..." that it simply wasn't very good. Or it is a transitional piece, and really shouldn't be posted without serious revision. Or something. Either way, "Stranded..." had/has problems and it needed to be discontinued.

The problem was that a lot of kind people had helped me pump up the new Twitter novel with 'retweets' and support and once I figured out that I had to discontinue "Stranded..." I felt like a huge asshole. So instead of posting more boring bits of "Stranded..." I just let loose about how stupid the whole thing made me feel, and I got some great advice from folks and, once again, some good support. The Twitter novel is actually a pretty harsh taskmistress, and I didn't realize until I attempted "Stranded..." how lucky I got the first time. Anyway, I'll be posting the two completed chapters on the blog over the next week and you can judge for yrselves.