Saturday, March 28, 2009

GUN CRAZY (Part Five)

ever since the first time I laid eyes upon you
you don't know how hard it is to let you go
I gave you everything
I crawled to touch your hem
You, with your thousand angels
You, with your legion of saints
You, with the Will and the Blood
You, with the Power and the Glory
Everlasting Everything
I gave you everything
I gave you my sister
to bear witness to her beauty
Did it make you bitter?
You put her in a cell
Was she such a challenge?
Was it such a race?
(Did it rake you when she said 'No'
as you bent to kiss her face?)

GUN CRAZY (Part Four)

She's a pretty assassin
She kills the pretty
She got supermodels in her sights

a lipstick killer / a StayFreedom fighter
I knight her / I dub her a tape

a soundtrack to hold her full through the night
(my favorite bands I wished that she liked)

A love song to sing
as she spreads metal wings
and makes her way by fire

Through the pages of Vogue
And the strawhouse of style
Watch the mall go up in a pyre

(quick, quick: find the ashes
make a book
this is a hunter
this is a spear
this is makeup cracking
this is fear)

GUN CRAZY (Part Three)

"take him out"

the mission was imprinted on her tongue
laced in her saliva
spoken through her kiss

there's a code in her DNA
her chain twines with mine
tumbles down into my gene pool
my system crash
in a last splash

gave up the ghost
exhaled into her mouth
touched her face - what's done is done

both barrels pointed at the sun