Friday, August 21, 2009

RICHIE - CHAPTER EIGHTEEN (Twitter Novel / Keitai Shousetsu)

so im kind of shocked at how
many girls they fit into the
room in addition to how
many wanted to come down

its only me and richie and hes

cool and all but im just me
but theyre all being super
nice to me anyway

and were drinking vodka and

gatorade out of these plastic
martini glasses that leander
has and i feel like my parents

at a party in the 70s or

something but i kind of get it
like if a couple of girls from
boxer showed up

at fairview all the guys in the

dorm would definitely all
pack in and the music is
great all scratchy records

like hip hop samples and

some are pretty funky and
some are like cocktail party
jazz or something

which is probably why i

thought of my parents in the
70s im actually pretty
buzzed even though i only
had one drink

but i think maybe its partly

the lights and the music and
then this girl jackie refills my
drink and shes being

super nice to me and i like

her smile and her skirt and
her hair smells like
strawberries when she leans

to pour my drink and I go
–strawberry blonde- like to

myself but she hears and goes
–what- but i feel weird and i

-nothing- but even though i

feel super awkward she keeps
smiling and i smile back and
it seems like

all of the sudden im in a

place where i cant fuck it up
like i usually do and it feels

and i look around and then i

cant find richie or leander
and i guess they went
somewhere else

but the other girls are all still

talking and laughing and
leanders roommate with the
curly red hair and big tits
keeps changing the records

when the songs end and i

kind of want to go talk to her
but jackie keeps smiling and
talking to me

and even though her tits are

pretty small shes cute and she
smells great so i sit and drink
with her

and i realize with richie gone

im the only guy in the room
and thats crazy i feel like
hugh hefner but like much
much younger

and i finish my drink and i

wanna slow things down cuz
i dont wanna get sick cuz it
seems like

thats the only thing that could

mess all this up so i try to get
up and get one of those pbr
out of the fridge before jackie
pours me more

but when i try i get a

headrush and im like -whoa-
and sit back down and a
bunch of girls laugh and it
takes me back a second

but the laughs arent mean and

then i laugh too jackie gets
up laughing grabs my hand
says -lets get you some air-
and pulls me up

and she doesnt let go and it

feels great she leads me
through the room in slow
motion and they all look at us
and she doesnt let go

not embarrassed at all and i

feel like im in a movie
especially with the lights and
the music its awesome

and jackies laughing and we

go down the hall fluorescent
light like another weird world
outside of leanders room

and we go to her room and its

not the same at all but its still
cool and the low hum of the
music from down the hall is
still there underneath

and its soothing cuz im

totally nervous under the
drunk part but we sit down on
her bed and she goes -do you
feel better now- laughing

and im like -yeah- and she

just keeps looking at me
smiling and i lean in and kiss

and she kisses back and its

awesome shes a really good
kisser or at least better than
the other girls

ive kissed and we keep

kissing and i put my hand on
her knee and her skin is like
super soft and

she makes a tiny little sound

under the kissing and im
super into it so i reach my

under her skirt to touch her

pussy and then she pulls back
and goes -wtf- and im
confused so i go –what- and
she gets up

shaking her head goes
-maybe we should go back-

and im still confused and im
like -what- and she just goes
out the door

so im alone in her room for a

second and its totally weird
so i get up still buzzed and go
on back down the hall

but i stop in the bathroom and

splash a whole bunch of
water on my face and look in
the mirror

and the cold water makes me

feel a little better but really
not better at all


Anonymous said...

snap out of it Noah, you're not sixteen again, you just read something that made you feel like you were again. whew.

Jason Gusmann said...

that comment made me very, very happy.

Mariana Soffer said...

Excelent story, I keep liking a lot the way you relate the how situations develops, and how characters relate, this reminded me of when I used to go out at night a lot and ended up at my place with someone I never knew it s name.
Take care my friend

Eman said...

Yeah your taking me back to my heydays too lol. I haven't been commenting, Jason, but I've been reading.

PS this new job is great though, teaching freshmen writing. My first class starts Monday and I'm terrified.

Paul said...

I know what Noah means, it just gets into your brain and you can't help but go with it, something to do with rhythm and the phrasing, like great JAzz. But poor D. surely one day soon he will get to go a little but further?

Jason Gusmann said...

mariana - i'm so glad i've found a window to yr wild past! thanks, as always, for reading

harmonie - so glad about yr new job! i start my new job on 9/14 - doing group work with mentally ill adults. change is good!

paul - yr jazz comparison is very welcome and well taken. the part im posting on twitter right now is based on the "riff" from doestoevsky's "grand inquisitor". maybe that's why this is so much fun for me to write, taking basic riffs and running with them, trane-style. and no, paul, dee dee's sexual awakening is constantly deferred until, of course, he and richie make another trip to white rock...but that would be giving it away. :)